• Karate Star Thomas Scott expects great things to happen

    Most Karatekas go into the tatami hoping to be declared the winner of their Kata or Kumite. However, for Karate Star Thomas Scott, win or lose, it is all part of the learning process. Not only the Team USA Karate hero gets to learn from each one of (...)

  • Brazilian Karatekas aiming for home gold

    Karatekas defending the national motto “Ordem e Progresso” in the 2016 Karate Pan American championships being held this week in Rio de Janeiro will be aiming to show local fans that Brazil is home to some world-class Karate heroes. The (...)

  • Pan American champions to be crowned in Rio de Janeiro

    After the outstanding 2016 Karate European Championships held in Montpellier (France), the quest to glory in continental Karate transfers now to Rio de Janeiro, where the new kings and queens of Pan American Karate will be crowned. The Brazilian (...)

  • Moroccan Karatekas thrill crowd in Karate 1-Premier League in Rabat

    The Karate 1-Premier League event held in Rabat this weekend confirmed the domination of Moroccan Karatekas in the sixth event of the top Karate international competition, as representatives of the organizing country claimed the top positions of the (...)

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