• Meeting between Prof. Dr. Uğur Erdener and President Antonio Espinos in Istanbul

    IOC Executive Board member, World Archery and Turkish Olympic Committee President Prof. Dr. Uğur Erdener and World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinos met on the occasion of European Karate Federation’s 50th Senior Championships (...)

  • Results of the 50th EKF Senior Championships in Istanbul (Turkey)

    During 4 days (19-22 March 2015), the adult karate elite from 47 European nations has taken place in Istanbul (Turkey). 495 ambitious competitors shown challenging forms (kata) and attractive fights (kumite).   This year, all best competitors (...)

  • WKF implements the revised 2015 World Anti-Doping Code

    The new WKF Anti-Doping Rules, which have been formally declared in line by the World Anti-Doping Agency on 18 December 2014, have come into effect on 1st January 2015. The new document can be downloaded on the WKF’s anti-doping webpage on (...)

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