• Mediterranean Championships 2015 in Alexandria

    Last 3-4 October the Mediterranean Karate Championships were held in Alexandria, Egypt, with the participation of a total of 157 athletes from 10 countries: 1. Cyprus 2. Egypt 3. Greece  4. Lebanon 5. Libya 6. Morocco 7. Palestine 8. (...)

  • Symposium in Tokyo “Karate for the Paralympic Games”

    The WKF and the Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) supported the Symposium held by International Budo University (IBU) at the JKF Headquarter on 1st October.  The main topic of this symposium was the involvement of Karate in the Paralympic Games. (...)


    The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Organising Committee (TOCOG) has proposed to the IOC Karate as an additional sport for these Olympic Games. The proposal includes the individual KATA categories (male and female) and the individual KUMITE categories (3 (...)

  • Karate1 Premier Coburg (Germany): The Second tournament on new Karate1 season

    For the first time, German Karate Federation hosted German Karate1 Premier League Open on Coburg. This event has been held in HUK Coburg Arena on September 26th and 27th 2015. It is the second Karate1 of this new season after Istanbul.   The (...)

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