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A moment of great joy for Karate


As millions of Karate fans around the world showed their excitement for the inclusion of Karate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the representatives of the sport in Rio de Janeiro took a moment to thank all those who have supported this ancient discipline in making the Olympic dream a reality.

The 129th Session of the International Olympic Committee decided on Wednesday to include Karate in the programme of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. It was a historic milestone for the sport and a long-awaited moment for Karate enthusiasts around the world.

The representatives of Karate in Rio de Janeiro, spearheaded by WKF President Antonio Espinós shared the joy of millions of Karatekas worldwide and took the opportunity to appreciate their support.

“It is an incredible day for Karate. It is a moment of great joy and it will be on our minds forever,” declared WKF President Antonio Espinós. 

“To all Karate fans I tell you: you have been the secret of our success and I encourage you to continue supporting our sport. Believe me, you are so many, and so true, and with your help we will achieve a good participation in Tokyo 2020 and a continuation in 2024 and beyond. Thank you for all your support,” added the head of the World Karate Federation.

WKF General Secretary Toshihisa Nagura also stated the historic significance of the day, and reflected as well on the outstanding assistance of millions of Karatekas.

“Today Karate became Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020. To be Olympic sport has been our dream for so long, and now it comes true. For all WKF family this is a great moment. We are a great team and I am so pleased to be a part of this outstanding WKF Olympic team,” commented Mr. Nagura. 

“Thank you all for your support and from now on we must make Karate the perfect sport for Olympic Games. Let’s work together!,” added Japan’s WKF General Secretary.

After the decision, WKF President Antonio Espinós and WKF General Secretary Toshihisa Nagura had the opportunity to share the historic moment with the president of Tokyo 2020 organising committee Yoshiro Mori and the rest of the TOCOG delegation.

Watch the videos of the full interviews on WKF Facebook page clicking here.

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