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Anti-doping seminar staged at WKF Youth Camp & Cup in Umag


Young karatekas from all over the world participated in the anti-doping seminar held in Umag (Croatia) during the WKF Youth Camp & Cup. The activity aimed at raising awareness around anti-doping matters among youngsters attending the record-breaking event in Umag, 

The anti-doping seminar was hosted in cooperation with the Croatian Karate Federation, the World Karate Federation (WKF) and the Anti-Doping Division of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH). Young athletes and coaches had the opportunity to learn about key anti-doping topics during the breaks of the training sessions at the camp; they could pose their questions on anti-doping procedures at the info desk which was placed at the training venue. 

Participants were invited to the “Anti-doping corner” where they took part in different interactive actions to know more about anti-doping issues. Over 300 youngsters participated in the seminar thus helping to spread the message of the importance of having a sport without doping.   

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