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New WKF Homologated Items website launched


The new and highly improved website for the WKF Homologated Items is now launched and Karate athletes, brands and enthusiasts have a first place to go to be up to date with all the information regarding the materials that provide safety in Karate. 

In  fans can access all the latest information about the items that are homologated by the World Karate Federation. The website is optimised for mobile devices and it presents a functional design and a user-friendly interface. The new site is the one-stop place for all the info about protections, tatamis, karate-gis and distributors contact, together with news and promotions. 

The crucial feature of safety in Karate is highlighted in the new website thus stating the different pieces of equipments that are needed to guarantee security in the sport, divided into the different age groups and categories of the modality. is also the hub for approved brands to present their new products and promotions, as well as the point of contact for distributors’ details around the world. 

CLICK HERE to go to the new WKF Homologated Items website.  

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