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Thousands of Karate fans join #Karate2024 campaign


Thousands of Karate fans from all over the world have participated thus far in the WKF digital campaign to request the inclusion of Karate in the programme of the Olympic Games Paris 2024. In less than a week, hundreds of pictures and videos have been post on social media by karatekas of all ages to support Karate’s Olympic dreams. 

The World Karate Federation launched the #Karate2024 digital campaign last week as a reaction to the exclusion of the sport from the programme of Paris 2024. The campaign aims at mobilising the Karate family against a decision that the whole Karate world has considered unfair. 

The main action of the campaign is the #TsukiForKarate2024 challenge. The WKF has requested fans to send or post their pictures and videos doing a “Tsuki” in favour of the Olympic hopes of the sport. The response has been overwhelming with social media channels full of Karate fans doing the “Tsuki” punch. 

The movement on the WKF Facebook page has got a reach of over one million users in only a few posts with over 60.000 interactions registered. Meanwhile, the Instagram story post on @worldkaratefederation has passed the 500.000 views, and the posts on the WKF Instagram page have reached over 70.000 likes and over 260 comments. The response on WKF Twitter page @worldkarate_wkf has been also massive with over 580.000 organic impressions generated only on this social media channel of the WKF. 


The #Karate2024 campaign is not stopping and will continue in the next days and weeks. Karatekas can still send or post their “Tsuki” to join the #TsukiForKarate2024 challenge. 

Post you “Tsuki” on your social media channel tagging the WKF and Paris 2024. Or send you pictures and videos to 

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