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WKF Competition Rules Commission to encourage understanding of Karate regulations


The WKF Competition Rules Commission met to discuss ways to improve the comprehension of regulations and to keep athletes, coaches and officials informed of updates in the rules of Karate tournaments, among many other relevant topics.

In order to inform around issues concerning the application of rules and possible updates in the procedures of the competitions, among other matters, the WKF Competition Rules Commission is publishing a bulletin where the new practices, revisions and application of regulations are being outlined.  

In the first bulletin, matters such as the encouraging activity and breaking clinches without stopping the bout, the procedure for inconclusive video review or random order of performance in Kata competitions after the initial round are being reviewed among many other topics. 

New bulletins will be published by the WKF Competition Rules Commission in a timely manner. The bulletins can be found on the Statutes & Rules micro-site on CLICK HERE to have access to the first bulletin. 

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