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WKF Executive Committee to continue taking Karate to new heights


The Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation gathered in Madrid (Spain) to keep on setting the ground for the continued progress of the sport. The meeting was held in the capital of Spain on the eve of the 24th Karate World Championships; it represented the first gathering of the governing body after the election of new members. 

The WKF Congress elected the new members of the Executive Committee during the plenary session in Madrid on November 5th. As a result of the elections, the new composition of the Executive Committee is formed by Ibrahim Al Gannas (KSA), Nasser Alrazooqui (UAE), Toshihisa Nagura (JPN), Jastalap Sanuov (KAZ), Esat Delihasan (TUR), Francis Didier (FRA), Mike Dinsdale (GBR), Gunnar Nordahl (NOR), Yrsa Ranki (FIN), Wolfgang Weigert (GER), María Angélica Coronil (CHI), José  García Maañón (ARG), José Antonio Méndez (PUR), Béchir Cherif (TUN), Soulemayne Gaye (SEN), Dieudonné Okombi (CGO) and Makarita Lenoa (FIJ). 

The continued growth of the sport was on top of the agenda of the meeting. The composition of the WKF commissions was approved, and the chairmen of the different bodies of the organisation presented progress reports of their activities. The Executive Committee also reviewed the modifications of rules to be applied to the Kumite and Kata competitions, as well as the time-line for the implementation of these amendments. 

The calendar of upcoming events was analysed, and the application of the ranking process was also examined. In addition to the revision of the financial matters, the Executive Committee took time to review the progress report on the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, as well as the upcoming steps to secure the inclusion of Karate in programme of the Youth Olympic Games in Senegal in 2022.

“With your help, I am sure that we will continue taking our sport to new levels. The Karate family is very honoured to have all of you on our side, with all your commitment and hard work. We are at crucial times, and I am convinced that all of us together will make the best of these moments to further reach new heights for our sport,” said WKF President Antonio Espinós to the newly-formed Executive Committee. 

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