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7th WKF Youth Camp


The seventh edition of the WKF youth Camp has now finished. All participants left the Adriatic coastal city of Umag with a lot of unforgettable memories and waiting impatiently forward the next edition.
The annual event attracted over 400 people, counting over 260 athletes and also coaches, parents and accompanying persons from 30 different countries in a great place with excellent facilities proposed by the Croatian Federation.
The joy and the spirit of karate was all here. The WKF Youth Camp is more than just a karate camp, it is about time that karatekas spend together and this is an exceptional chance to do so and learn karate.
The camp was coordinated by Esteban Perez and conducted by 3 world champions Nguyen, Benetello and Stojadinov, who not only have a great experience in karate, but also in teaching children and sharing the values of karate.
This unique event included various karate activities, including karate training, a Kids competition for the youngest ones, a Youth cup and various activities for all groups of participants.
In the morning teachers took over three consecutive karate training sessions with the group divided in three parts. Afternoons were dedicated to various other activities, mostly in groups of 10 people by age, regardless of their nationality. This created an incredible atmosphere, mixing hard work and fun and making participants feel like they were experiencing a unique and unforgettable moment. More than training, it was about playing, enjoying the spirit of karate while being taught but also entertained by world-class teachers.
All in all, the WKF Youth Camp was a wonderful experience for everybody involved! Pencil it in your agenda for next year’s summer vacation!



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