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Successful start of WKF-Olympic Solidarity activities


The first year of Olympic Solidarity activities for members of the Karate family has resulted in a series of successful events organised all over the world. Requests from National Olympic Committees to host Olympic Solidarity programmes started being received by the WKF nearly one year ago thus initiating the development of these activities aiming to assist National Olympic Committees, particularly those with greater needs, through multi-faceted programmes. 

Over 200 people from six countries and four continents took part in the technical courses for coaches which were held in the countries of Georgia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda and Venezuela in 2017, under the direction of international experts and through the joint effort of Olympic Solidarity and the WKF. 

Furthermore, Rwanda’s Noël Nkuranyabahizi became the first coach to receive an Olympic scholarship for coaches. This grant allowed Mr. Nkuranyabahizi to attend the international course CYSél Cycle International du Sport d’Elite in Lausanne (Switzerland) from September 22 to November 20, 2017. 

The beginning of 2018 has continued the pattern and Olympic Solidarity activities kept being held worldwide featuring members of the Karate family. Two technical courses for coaches have taken place in Burundi and Cyprus, participated by 60 people. 

“It is essential for the development of our sport that members of our family benefit from Olympic Solidarity activities. Karate will keep on moving forward in the right direction and we will make the most of our Olympic experience if the members of the Karate family, especially those in developing areas, take the opportunity that Olympic Solidarity brings to help us raise the level of our sport,” said WKF President, Antonio Espinós. 

The technical courses are part of the world programmes of Olympic Solidarity. Go to the Olympic Solidarity micro-section of CLICKING HERE to find out more about these programmes.  

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