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Top takeaways of 2017 Karate European Championships


Meet the new kings and queens of European Karate.

After four thrilling days of competition featuring excellent katas, spectacular kumites and a lot of emotional moments, top karatekas from all over Europe added their names to the history of the sport with memorable performances thus to become the new heroes of the ancient modality in the continent.   

These are the top takeaways of the 2017 Karate European Championships 


Cheers of ‘Türkiye! Türkiye!” filled up the Sehit Recep Topaloglu Arena of Izmit as Turkey was proclaimed European champion in Male Team Kumite. The confirmation of Turkish men as the top Kumite team in the continent was a celebration of fans of the organising country while representing the ratification of the host nation as the top team in the medal table. 

With a count of four golds, four silvers and six bronzes to a final tally of 14 medals, Turkey wrapped up a dream tournament and elevated Turkish karate to the condition new European powerhouse. Given that Turkey had claimed 11 medals and only one gold in the 2016 European Championships in Montpellier to finish in fifth position in the medal table, Turkish karatekas now took use of the home ground factor to confirm their progression in front of their fans in Kocaeli.  

The most memorable moments for locals was when the al bayrak flag waved at the top of the podium in celebration of their four gold medals. Tuba Yakan prevailed at Female Kumite -55kg, while Burak Uygur won Male Kumite -67kg and Ugur Aktas dominated Male Kumite -84kg. Headed by Karate Star Enes Erkan in one of his last appearances in international competition, the Male Team Kumite was among the big winners of the event. 


The 2017 Karate European Championships also confirmed Spain’s prevalence in Kata categories. Representatives of the Iberian nation claimed three gold medals out of four, plus a bronze medal, thus presenting a remarkable success at the event.

In the individual categories, the national anthem of Spain sounded in the two competitions, just as it occurred last year in Montpellier. Sandra Sanchez and Damian Quintero repeated success and both demonstrated their condition of World ranking leaders and two of the biggest Kata heroes of today’s Karate. While Sandra Sanchez earned her third consecutive continental title, Damian Quintero won his fourth European title in five years. 

Spanish domination in Kata categories was further established in the team competitions, with a gold and a bronze medal. The Spanish Male Kata team improved the silver of last year in Montpellier while the Spanish Female Kata team could not repeat the gold medal of last year, but finished in a third place. 


In 2016 in Montpellier, Ukraine finished the European Championships with just one medal -the silver earned by Anzhelika Terliuga. This year in Kocaeli, representatives of the eastern European country finished in fourth position on the medal table and claimed a total of six awards, including golds in Female Kumite -50kg and in Female Team Kumite. 

Ukraine’s remarkable progression determined the event and placed Ukrainian Karate among Europe’s powerhouses. Kateryna Kryva’s performance was especially outstanding. The 2016 Grand Winner became European champion in Female Kumite -50kg and led her team to an impressive victory in Female Team Kumite. 

At 25 year-old, the Shotokan karateka confirmed her status of rising figure of the sport with her two golds in Kocaeli. These victories in the two competitions are her two biggest accomplishments in international events up to date, as the Ukrainian champion had just two silver medals in Karate 1-Premier League and a second position in the 2013 Karate1 Premier League and Youth World Cup 2013 – Grand Final as best results. 


Karatekas from eight different countries had the honour of reaching the top of the podium in Kocaeli. In addition to the previously mentioned stars, the event crowned other heroes that shocked with impressive performances. 

Following her victory in Karate 1-Premier League in Paris this year, Serbia’s Jovana Prekovic confirmed her condition of Europe’s rising star after her shocking victory in Female Kumite -61kg. The 21 year-old Shotokan karateka leads the notorious new generation of high-class competitors and she especially dazzled with her victory in the final over World championships runner-up Lucie Ignace of France. Simone Marino of Italy also took his place among the upcoming breed of top karatekas with his triumph on Male Kumite +84kg in his first appearance in Senior European Championships. 

Austria’s Alisa Buchinger extended her domination in Female Kumite -68 kg as the defending world champion also claimed the European competition. It was her 20th gold medal in international tournaments thus confirming the 24 year-old karateka as one of the top names in today’s Karate. 

Together with Damian Quintero, Sandra Sanchez and Ugur Aktas, France’s Anne Laure Florentin was one of the competitors who managed to achieve the remarkable feat of winning consecutive titles in European Championships. The 23 year-old karateka prevailed in Female Kumite +68kg at home in Montpellier last year and now in Kocaeli the Shotokan karateka demonstrated her top form after defeating Meltem Hocaoglu in the final. 

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