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WKF statement regarding the situation of Irish Karate athletes and the EKF European Championships


The World Karate Federation has released a statement concerning the issues around Ireland Karate and the participation of Irish karatekas in the 2019 EKF European Karate Championships. 

The World Karate Federation would like to point out that these athletes have already previously participated in many WKF events including World Championships and Karate 1 events, also very recently.

As for the current issue concerning the registration of athletes in the upcoming European Championships, the WKF is aware of the internal governance dispute in Ireland and has, in fact, worked together with Irish bodies to secure the welfare of the athletes. Since a solution to the conflict seemed not likely to be found in a near future by the parties in their internal dispute, the WKF decided to take action and Irish athletes will be allowed to participate at the upcoming EKF Senior Championships with the direct coordination of all parties by the WKF.

Hence, the WKF would like to state that these athletes will be able to compete and represent their country at the 2019 EKF European Championships with the same guarantees as the rest of the karatekas taking part at the event in Guadalajara (Spain). 

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